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  • Image of "Gabby" Douglas
  • Image of "Gabby" Douglas
  • Image of "Gabby" Douglas
  • Image of "Gabby" Douglas

RAWH's FIRST handbag for little girls.
She is made with a strap and two tone white and purple back.
Gabby is a hand painted afro puff girl.

Inspired by Gabrielle Douglas

Approximately 8x9
Pink zebra print inside lining


- Recommended exterior cleaning use ANGELUS GEL CLEANER with cloth. ->See Fabric Cleaning/Upkeep section for link

- Alcohol or Acetone can be used as a a slight alternative for Angelus gel cleaner - *Acetone may cause stickiness or slightly discolor vinyl, use sparingly* DO NOT USE ON PAINTED AREA!!!!!!

- Use a Q-Tip to clean around the Afro and face painted area when using alcohol or acetone. Use lightly!

*Protective sealant is applied to protect paint, which may sometimes cause stickiness especially in heat, therefore handle with care and try keep away from other products/items/debris as much as possible*